Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Making Zen laugh (or trying to)

So I'm supposed to make you laugh, huh? Well here's my attempt: I was sitting there thinking, ‘What would Dr. Faulkes find funny?’ All I could think of was the picture on that slide you kept pointing out. You know, the one of this younger, pasty looking guy sitting on a couch, surrounded by attractive and adoring young women (groupies you could say). I don’t even know why but my mind suddenly connected that to this song I’m ashamed to say I’ve heard my younger brother playing over and over again. The lyrics go something like this: “When I grow up, I wanna be famous, I wanna have groupies…be on T.V., drive nice cars…,” I think it’s annoyingly loud and obnoxiously repetitive, but it made me think of that picture from class. And then suddenly, a weird sort of montage played out in my head and it went like this: Dr. Z (not the mad scientist from some seventies comic series but the unfortunate professor who actually has to sit and read my silly interpretations and commentaries on biological topics) is in a music video with of all people, the Pussycat Dolls (who sing the song I mentioned). In this vision, Dr. Faulkes is dancing around, using moves very similar to those of Michael Jackson in Thriller, when suddenly the Pussycat Dolls appear and begin surrounding him seductively. Then, BAM! Dr. Zen stops his dancing, places his hands akimbo, stares at the gorgeous lead singer of the band, Nicole, (who’s standing right off to his left), then looks directly at the camera and smiles. At that moment Nicole asks him, “Could you please tell me about crustaceans?” He then turns to stare at her again and continues to smile (pleased as punch). But then as he begins to respond, Pam Anderson, (wearing an undersized, ‘I Godzilla [love] Tokyo’ tee), rushes in (because she’s a beautiful Canadian and she can), saying, “No Zen, I want you to teach ME about crustaceans!” A catfight breaks out and again, Zen grins. He is happily amused. Then finally, the scene zoomed out and faded to black as it ended in my mind’s eye. It’s lewd, wildly absurd and over the top (much like dancing ponies) but maybe style point worthy? I hope so. Go Feral Cats, go.