Saturday, September 6, 2008

Presidential Debate-Ahhhh!

I'm supposed to post about whether or not I think it would be worth while to have a Presidential Science Debate and I definitely think it would be beneficial to do so. I feel that Science plays an important role in each and every life and so to progress as a nation and to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for people across the globe, we need to know what our leader for the next four years (be it John McCain or Barack Obama) thinks about the subject. I read some of the responses (and skimmed others) which were posted on the website Dr. Z thoughtfully provided (Thanks, you went the extra mile :-) ) and for the most part my confidence in the candidate I am partial to was reinforced. I admit that I was unfamiliar with some of the terms used in the responses, but it's not like I can't Google them and figure things out. Anyway, from what I did understand, I have concluded that I share my candidate's views on a number of science oriented topics and was pleased to find detailed responses to questions on how exactly they would deal with issues like the energy crisis, stem-cell research and promotion of more rigorous math and science curricula in our nation's schools. I preferred reading the details of how they plan to work to ameliorate our nation's situation in terms of these and other various topics as opposed to listening to a speech where I have found they (both candidates) tend to gloss over the steps they would take to resolve these problems and instead use language to appeal to the emotions of public. The site was very helpful and informative in my opinion.

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