Saturday, September 13, 2008

Creepy cats and yeasty balloons

So this week I can’t think of much to write about to be honest except two things which come to mind: Feral cats and yeast. I didn’t know what “feral” meant exactly but I asked my older brother and he said that a feral cat was one which was at one time domesticated but chose to return to wild ( I guess to live on its own as a stray). Lovely, I’m a wild, mangy cat. Yep, that’s my group. I just do not care for these animals, I don’t know why, but I’m not comfortable around them. I apologize to anyone who reads this and is offended but everyone has their own idiosyncrasies, right? My mother feels otherwise and has two of her own (one grey and the other a yellow tomcat who looks like the heinous one Dr.Z had on the feral cats slide in class). Again I do not dislike them; it’s just that with their yellow eyes and sharp claws they make me wary. Maybe I had an unpleasant run in with a cat as a baby or a young child and I either am subconsciously suppressing it or truly can’t recall it. I think I have this fear in the back of my mind that someday I’ll just be walking along and accidently step on a cats tail or do something to inadvertently piss one off and it’ll just leap up and slash my jugular with its claws (or if declawed, use its teeth to do so). I know, highly unlikely but that’s just me.
Oh and about the yeast: I got a call from my friend who’s just spent her first week teaching high school freshman biology. She wanted to make the class interesting and use experiments to help reinforce the concepts she’s teaching them. So she was trying to mix yeast, water and sugar together in the right proportions so that when these ingredients are heated then placed into a balloon, they expand and inflate it. She wasn’t given specific amounts of how much of each ingredient she should use so she did some troubleshooting and finally after multiple attempts and much frustration, enjoyed success! She called me when she finally got the experiment to work and I was happy for her. I liked my high school freshman biology teacher (she was a sweet lady) but to be honest, I didn’t learn a single thing about biology that year because all we did was hurriedly copy biological notes from the overhead and turn them in for a grade. Sorry, but I don’t learn like that. At the end of the year I still didn’t even know how to properly draw out a Punnet square! I just wanted to mention it because I think my friend’s enthusiasm over the inflation of the balloon is noteworthy. I would have preferred to have someone like her as my teacher any day out of my freshman year in high school. Just a thought, you know.

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