Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

I don’t like getting 3.5 out of 5 points-I really thought I had earned better. I didn’t half a** it, you know??? Stray letter…how could I have missed that? The proof is not in the pudding, HAH, I knew that didn’t make sense! Slap, you got rejected, so be tenacious. These are some of the thoughts that flow through my mind as I sit there in Biological Writing sometimes. Dr. Baines picture perfect dog is named Dargo…I didn’t hear her explanation of that? I know she said something about Dr. Zen understanding the significance of the dog’s name because he’s ‘nerdy’ too and into some old comic or something like she is. As I’m proofreading this I feel like circling behaviour and writing ‘This looks funny because I’m not Australian, British or Canadian but I know it is right.’ It’s just that I wanted to comment on it to see if I could get a chuckle out of Faulkes. Haha, as I’m typing this out, the computer agrees with me. What happens if I type colour? Haha, denied again! I really hope I didn’t get any Ethidium Bromide on my sandwich…I don’t want to die yet, honestly, I’m still young and spry. L.o.l., I know that’s totally not up to me, whatever. I don’t see any grammatical or spelling errors on this second page-damn!!! And I need to get to lab!!! What’s wrong with my brain today?!? Props to Dr. Zen because I could never care about “digging” so much, really. Some people make vicious comments. I seriously need to blog. I’ve been avoiding that and it’s festered and grown like an ugly fungus in a dark corner of my mind. Rejection is not final…Really? Could this be true even if my writing consistently contains serious structural errors? I could work on that though…but how? I know, I know, I’m venting but that’s life, so it counts as a biological topic.

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